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Coffin drapes

We can offer many types of coffin drapes. National flags, Military Flags, Emergency and Rescue services, Sports clubs, in-fact we can manufacture any type of design which you would like to cover the coffin.

National flags tend to be manufactured from the traditional MoD woven polyester flag fabric, whereas the special personal bespoke flags will normally be printed on our heavy polyester fabric offering a denser finish. We have also had many requests for drapes to be manufactured and printed from satin.

You can have any size you feel comfortable with however we tend to offer 3 popular sizes – see spec below.

The coffin drape can be finished in a traditional way with headband rope and toggle or simply hemmed all around.

Why Choose a Coffin Drape

    • Creates a personal touch
    • Signifies the importance and stature of the deceased


    • Your own size or 3 standard sizes
    • 2 yard (6’ x 3’) 180 x 90 cms, 2½ yard (7’6” x 3’9”) 225 x 112cms, 3 yard (9’ x 4’6”), 270 x 135 cms.
    • Handmade sewn flags manufactured from MoD woven polyester flag fabrics
    • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists

Optional Extras

    • Gold fringe or Blue white and red fringe

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