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These are portrait flags with an angle cut out to accommodate the angled flag pole which allows the flag to hang vertically downwards.

angled flags

There are many advantages of flying this particular style of flag.

The flag can be double sided reading correctly on both sides.

Permanently displays your flag/brand/business logo.

Why Choose an Angled Flag:

  • Logo’s are continuously displayed in all weather
  • Variety of different flag fabrics can be offered
  • Both Printed and sewn flags can be manufactured
  • Great when running a “Sale” campaign

Who uses Angled Flags:

  • Many High Street retail shops with limited space
  • Retail and business parks
  • Product launches and everyday brand awareness



  • We digitally print using top quality Swiss inks
  • We manufacture on many fabrics including MoD approved knitted polyester flag fabrics or top of the range German flag fabrics
  • Handmade sewn flags are manufactured from MoD woven polyester flag fabrics
  • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists
  • It is recommended that you install a simple tie back system to help prevent the flags from possible wrap, certain criteria is required to prevent flag wrap, please discuss before adapting your site

Optional Extras:

  • Tie back kits (prevents wrapping around pole)
  • Anti furl bars (prevents wrapping around pole)
  • Alternative satin polyester flag fabric – creates a metallic effect

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