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These fabulous works of art can be manufactured on many types of fabric depending on the finish you wish to create, including a high quality satin sheen.

In some circumstances, we can also manufacture “retro banners” copying from your old original banner.

Sizes can vary and we can manufacture to any size. Masonic banners are normally single sided, with a plain back. The front image can either be hand painted, appliquéd sewn/embroidered or digitally printed.

Banners are normally manufactured with castellation sleeves along the top   ready for hanging on a bar or a cruciform indoor flagpole. Optional fringe can also be added to the lower edge of the banner.

Why Choose a Masonic Lodge Banner

    • You are a new Lodge wishing to display your banner at the Lodge
    • Creates a proud backdrop
    • Creates importance and stature to your Lodge

Who uses Masonic Banners

    • Freemasons or Masons
    • Large and Small Lodges throughout the UK


    • Printed Banners are digitally printed using high end top quality Swiss inks
    • Handmade sewn banners are normally manufactured from ceremonial flag fabrics
    • Some banners depending on artwork may be embroidered
    • All  banners are expertly sewn and hemmed by our team of machinists with your choice of finish for sleeves and fringe

Optional Extras

    • Double sided flags
    • Heavy polyester finish for a classic look

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