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The new popular concept, offering exceptional advertising, in limited space situations, but creates maximum eye-catching impact in a modern style. 

These flags whilst temporary, can offer near permanent signage without the need for planning permission.

There are two popular styles – the “feather” – which is a long curved shaped and the “Teardrop” offering a broader style of advertising.

The versatile, extremely strong, flexible glass fibre units are available in 3 height sizes for each style and we offer different ground mounting options to suit your application

Why Choose a Feather/Teardrop Flag.

    • Maximum eye-catching advertising awareness product
    • Choice of heights up to 5m
    • Modern advertising medium suited for hundreds of applications
    • Quality hard wearing strong product.

Who would Use Feather/Teardrop Flags

    • The Motor industry, Dealership Forecourts, Filling Stations
    • Charity and event organisations.
    • Clubs and Societies
    • Sports events


    • Flags are normally best printed and mirror imaged
    • 3 sizes for each design style
    • Double sided option

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