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Click for a QuoteThe Royal Households, Diplomats, Lord Lieutenants and many other establishments all proudly fly a car flag, normally from their chauffeured vehicle.

The car flag could be a personal flag, a coat of arms or a National Flag.

Flags can either be double sided or mirror imaged, they can be sewn or printed depending on the complexity of the design.

The car flag is a lot smaller than traditional flags with typical sizes no more than 24” long and as small as 12”.


We also manufacture car flags with a plastic pole which drop into your car window displaying your sports team, national flag or any message. Please contact us with your ideas.

Why Fly a Car Flag

    • VIP personnel driven in chauffeured cars.
    • You have a right to do so

Who Flies Car Flags

    • Royalty
    • Diplomats
    • Military personnel
    • Lord Lieutenants
    • Council and Government leaders


    • We can digitally print using high end top quality Swiss inks
    • We print on either MoD approved knitted polyester flag fabrics or top of the range German flag fabrics.
    • Handmade sewn flags manufactured from MoD woven polyester flag fabrics
    • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists

Optional Extras

    • Flag fringe and borders

 Additional Items

    • Car masts

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