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The style of many yacht club flags are triangular and are commonly called a burgee. The burgee will depict the devices of the clubs badge and often have their name visible.

Yacht clubs and members will also fly their own Ensign flags which are rectangular in shape and usually contain The Union Flag in the top left canton on either a red or blue field depending on the clubs status. The clubs device will then be shown usually centrally on the right hand side of the field.

We also manufacture many courtesy, ensign, house and registration flags for today’s “SuperYachts”, these flags are normally considerably larger to take in account for the size of the vessel. We can often add intricate bespoke quality touches, such as adding a satin fabric and enhancing badge work if applicable, we can also allow text to be read correctly on both sides of the Flag.

Signal flags can be found in our separate section click here.


    • The field of Flags are generally manufactured from marine grade MoD approved woven polyester flag fabric – design work appliquéd with MoD approved knitted polyester flag fabric
    • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists

 You can find a huge range of yacht club ensigns and burgees here.

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