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We manufacture flags for all the many sports clubs within the United Kingdom and abroad.  All flags are manufactured to the specification to which the club is accustomed to. This could be printed, Traditional sewn (Appliquéd), or more frequently used now, a sewn flag with detailed printed badge artwork appliquéd to the body of the flag.

Why Choose a Sports Club Flag.

    • To promote your thriving club and show off your facilities.
    • Extremely good value and creates superb awareness for your community
    • Makes your members proud and welcomes your competitors.
    • Enhances your pavilion, ground and clubhouse.

Who would use a Sports Club Flag

    • Endless list of clubs and organisations including;
    •  Golf, Cricket, Tennis, Bowls, Swimming, Football, Rugby, Rowing, Polo, Equestrian, Hockey, Running, Motor sports, Archery, Shooting/Rifle
    • Charities, Corporate events and Team building days.


    • The field of Flags are generally manufactured from MoD approved woven polyester flag fabric – design work appliquéd with MoD Approved knitted polyester flag fabric
    • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists
    • Flags generally complete with headband rope and toggle at hoist – or your choice of flag finish for rigging

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