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We offer embroidered flags when extreme high detail is required, these complex designs would normally contain small text and is preferred to digitally printing.

 The manufacture of embroidered flags does take a while longer than normal flag manufacture due to lengthier set up times.

Embroidered flags are normally only applicable in the detailed sections within a flag and very rarely cover the entire surface.

The fine detail of embroidered flags tends to work best on ceremonial style flags; however the small details on regular burgee flags can work extremely well.

Why choose an embroidered flag

    • Exceptional detail requires to be visibly seen close up
    • Excellent definition required.
    • A “hand made” feel is required

Who uses Printed Flags

    •  The Royal British Legion, Cadet forces, Military organisations  and Brigades
    •  TV & Film Productions, Historic reproductions, Museums, Civic Halls, Head Offices, Meeting rooms, receptions & many more
    • Masonic Lodges, Trade Unions, Embassy’s, Police forces and Fire-fighters.


    • We normally embroider using silk threads.
    • Embroidery is created by an artwork origination with the data converted to the embroidery machine, and sewn out.

Optional Extras

    • Embroidery can be used in conjunction with appliqué flag work.
    • Alternative striking satin polyester flag fabric – creates a metallic effect
    • Badges can be made and then sewn, appliquéd to flags for a classic look

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