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We supply and manufacture many types of fabric bannerettes allowing you to choose your ideal shape and size.

Design work is screen printed or digitally printed onto appropriate fabrics, notably acetate satin type fabrics.

Bannerettes are completed with either a single sided design with plain back or double sided. The bannerette is complete with interlining, where necessary and has a flexible internal support.

Fringe is normally added to the edges to complete.

 Why Choose a Bannerette

    • To make available to your members
    • Creates a visual impact creating awareness
    • Offers an alternative to club trophies and commemorative shields

Who uses Bannerettes

    • Charitable organisations like the Lions and Rotary clubs.
    • Sports clubs and associations
    • Exchange trips
    • Companies and Business’s for desk top promotions


    • Printed Banners are digitally or screen printed
    • Bannerettes are made up complete with sleeve and fringe

Optional Extras

    • Bespoke fringes and alternative finishing ideas you may have.

Additional Items

    • Desk top hanging bars

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