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These fabulous works of art can be manufactured on many types of fabric depending on the finish you wish to create.

The two main differences between a Heraldic flag and a Heraldic banner is that a banner is normally used indoors as a static display. Furthermore the design tends to be portrait rather than landscape.

In some cases we can manufacture your heraldic design copying from your old original banners, reproducing the banners used in the era they were manufactured in.

Most banners are manufactured from sight of artwork, layout or design. We do hold many stock devices, symbols, scrolls and patterns to help create the desired design.

Sizes can vary and we can manufacture to any size. The banners can be single or double sided, or have the same image, or two separate images, on the front and rear side.

Banners are normally manufactured with castellation sleeves or sleeves to allow the banner to be displayed.

Why Choose a Heraldic Banner

    • You have been granted your personal arms for display.
    • Ancestral arms have been passed down the family line
    • Your Club, Association or Society has a design
    • Film and drama companies for re-enactment

Who uses Heraldic Banners

    • The British Monarchy, The Royal Households, Palaces
    • Stately Homes, Castles, Museums, Individuals
    • Charities, Long Standing Business’s, Masonic Lodges
    • Councils and Civic Halls
    • Her Majesties Armed Forces


    • Printed Banners are digitally printed using high end top quality Swiss inks
    • Handmade sewn banners are normally manufactured from ceremonial flag fabrics
    • In some cases embroidery can also be used
    • All banners are expertly sewn and hemmed by our team of machinists with your choice of finish for sleeves and fringe

Optional Extras

    • Double sided flags
    • Fringes, Cord and tassels and Castellation sleeves

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