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Have an announcement to make? Then you need to advertise it! We can offer many ideas.

Football Supporters Clubs tend to get involved with the large crowd banners which can cover an entire seating area of a stand if needs be.

We tend to print and manufacture on our FR (fire retardant) knitted polyester which is lightweight at 110gsm but has the strength to withstand the rigours of being man handled.

Furthermore the banner can be folded and rolled up ready for the next time without taking up too much room in storage.

Why Choose a Giant crowd Flag

    • You want to make a massive statement
    • A possibility of attracting live TV media when unfurled.
    • You are sponsoring an event

Who uses Advertising Flags

    • Football supporters clubs
    • Corporate Sponsors
    • Events organisers


    • Banners are generally printed on wide format 3m or 5m digital printers.
    • Sizes are limitless -
    • Flags are expertly sewn in sections
    • Fire Resistant fabrics used.

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