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Appliquéd A decorative design or text made with one material sewn over another, trimmed out to reveal the design or shape  
Bannerette Small souvenir style flag for display inside  
Bespoke Specially made flag for personal or one-off design ie a logo or company flag, advertising flag  
Bunting (1) Old fashioned word for flag fabric  
Bunting (2) Small triangular or rectangular flags stitched onto tape used for street decorations, supermarket promotions, indoors and outdoors  
Burgee Triangular flag commonly flown on yachts and other maritime uses  
Double Sided Two flags sewn together so their text reads correctly on both sides  
Dye Printed Flag fabric which have been screen printed using dye as the printing colour  
Dye Sublimation Digitally printed on paper and then heat transferred onto fabric  
Direct Digi Printing  Ink is printed direct onto fabric  
Eyelets Eyelets or grommets are metal rings that are inserted into a pre-punched hole through fabric to form a fitting so ties or other can be fastened  
Embroidered Embroidery is a way of decorating fabric or other designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a needle  
Flags Pieces of fabrics flown on flagpoles depicting nationalities or company branding  
Fly The end of the flag furthest away from the flagpole  
Fringe Decorative 3” gold bullion fringe positioned around the edge of ceremonial flags, parade flags and standards  
Grommets See eyelets  
Halyard Rope used to raise or lower a flag  
Headband Strong polypropylene tape sewn to the hoist of flag to give the flag rigidity when flying. (Similar to the top of a net on a tennis court)  
Hoist (1) The length of flag closest to the flagpole  
Hoist (2) Raising a flag up a flagpole  
Inglefield Clips Brass clips fitted to a flag instead of traditional toggle, makes it faster to connect a flag to the flagpole halyard when hoisting and lowering a flag on a regular basis  
Interlining Fabric which prevents light from showing through. Normally used in double sided flags, preventing logos from clashing with each other  
Landscape Flag which is longer than its height ( ie two lengths to one height)  
Mirror Imaged Flag reads correctly on front side and is the perfect image on the other side. This is the correct way to manufacture a flag  
Pennant Tapered triangular flag    
Portrait Flag which is taller than its width  
Printed digital Industrial size (desk top printer) specially designed to print fabrics  
screen Large (picture frames) which have a special “canvas” known as a screen. This has the design engraved on it, dye is then spread over the screen, with the fabric underneath, allowing the colour to seep through the engraved area leaving the design printed on the fabric  
Sleeve Fitted to the hoist end of a flag to allow a pole to be inserted for handwaving or parade use  
Standard Ceremonial flag used for parade purposes  
Toggle Wooden shaped crosspiece fitted or inserted into a loop in the halyard/rope, to hold the flag in place on a flagpole  
Tassels 8’ Matching cord and tassels with the gold bullion fringe used for ceremonial flags. Normally positioned at end of pole equally divided into two 4’ lengths  
Vimpel A long tapered triangular flag which is designed to ware itself away over a period of time  
Canvas Used for digitally printing on wall coverings  
Heavy polyester Normally used for ceremonial flags  
Heraldic Ceremonial flag fabric used for manufacturing standards and parade flags (ceremonial flags)  
Knitted polyester MoD grade flag fabric weighing typically 115gsm, Generally used for digital printing, Used for appliqué work on “sewn” flags  Colour Chart
Raycott Traditional ceremonial flag fabric manufactured from rayon and cotton (no longer available)   
Satin polyester Has a sheen/glossy effect superb for digitally printing and advertising luxurious products  
Vented polyester Fabric with small slits manufactured in the knitting process   
Woven polyester MoD grade flag fabric weighing 155gsm. Traditional flag fabric used for hand sewn flags. Also known as spun polyester.   Colour Chart
Arrowhead Decorative brass shaped “arrow” finial positioned at the end of a ceremonial marching wooden flagpole  
Cleat A flange on the side of the flagpole for tying the halyard   
External Halyard The cord (Halyard) for the pole is located on the exterior of the pole and is fastened to a cleat  
Finial A decorative finish for the top of a flagpole which includes the workings for the flagpole halyard   
Finial (Gold) A decorative finish looking similar to an onion, positioned on the top of a flagpole which includes the workings for the flagpole halyard  
Finial (Mushroom) Normally white and domed shaped, positioned on the top of a flagpole which includes the workings for the flagpole halyard  
Gaff A 45-degree angled flagpole protruding off a larger vertical flagpole.   
Halyard Rope used to raise or lower a flag  
Hinged base plate A steel hinge positioned at the bottom of the flagpole for ease of lowering the pole  
Internal Halyard The cord (Halyard) for the pole is located inside the flagpole preventing possible flag theft  
Rotating Arm A short pole or “boom” projecting out at 90 degrees from the top of a flagpole, allowing a flag to be sleeved over, so the flag is displayed at all times. The arm can then rotate in the wind direction, popular with Car dealerships  
Tabernacle Two vertical steel or wooden uprights which connect to a flagpole with long bolts to enable the pole to be lowered. These are only found on old, normally wooden flagpoles  
Yardarm A horizontal pole usually fitted centrally across a vertical flagpole  
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