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Have an announcement to make? Then you need to advertise it! We can offer many ideas including building wraps, large flag drapes, and the ever popular, Teardrop and Feather flags.

Traditional flagpoles can be converted to show off a portrait style flag, we can even add a banner arm to the pole so the flag is permanently displayed, even if there is no wind, to keep attracting attention to the many thousands and millions of customers out there.

Brand and event awareness is critical, the beauty about our fabric based products are that they all “move and wave” creating eye catching attention.

Why Choose an Advertising Flag

    • You are sponsoring an event
    •  An important advertising opportunity/launch beckons
    • Excellent trade show awareness for your stand
    • Your retail merchandise Winter and Summer sales looms
    • Let people know you are in business

Who uses Advertising Flags

    • The largest organisations to the small business “lock up owner”
    • Corporate sponsorship at venues.
    • People who wish to advertise their business and create awareness
    • Product launches and everyday brand awareness.


    • We digitally print using high end top quality Swiss inks
    • We print on either MoD approved knitted polyester flag fabrics or top of the range German flag fabrics.
    • Handmade sewn flags manufactured from MoD woven polyester flag fabrics
    • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists

Optional Extras

    • Different flag make ups to match your existing set up
    • Alternative striking satin polyester flag fabric – creates a metallic effect
    • Heavy polyester finish for a classic look

 Additional Items to consider

    • Banner arms for flagpoles
    • Tie Backs, flag weights
    • Installation

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