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Custom sewn Flags are the traditional and original way of manufacturing flags, which we still offer in this digital age. They are also known as appliquéd flags. Each flag is individually handmade, building up the design/logo by stitching different fabric colours onto a flag field – similar to a mosaic. These flags tend to be harder wearing as the field, (the background), is normally manufactured from the heavy grade MoD approved woven polyester flag fabric. Quite often they look too good to fly but are remarkably hard wearing when flown in the correct manner.

Why Choose a Sewn Appliqué Flag.

  • Excellent value for one offs and small quantities
  • Normally simple and inexpensive set up costs requiring little supplied artwork
  • Amazing looking product showing a wealth of detail and work
  • Extremely High end top quality product

Who would Use Sewn Flags

  • Castles, Museums, Heritage Centres, Cathedrals and Churches
  • Clubs and Societies
  •  Many organisations wishing to show a high end image.


  • Flags are generally manufactured from MoD approved woven polyester flag fabric – design work appliquéd with MoD Approved knitted polyester flag fabric
  • All flags are expertly sewn, hemmed and finished by our team of machinists
  • Ceremonial flags are manufactured from drill or heraldic fabric

Optional Extras

  • Alternative printed badge design in Lieu of sewn design appliquéd to flag

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