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Fabric Banners

We manufacture many types of fabric banners allowing you to achieve the correct media presentation for your project.

Fabric banners work extremely well for indoor events like stage, TV and theatre backdrops. Many fabrics offer fire resistant properties.

Fabric backdrops are also used for screening out speaker stacks and scaffolding in large arenas, normally printed with the corporate brand/show theme.

Sizes can vary and we can manufacture to any size. The banners can be single widths or multiple widths to consolidate a whole seating arena to form crowd banners.

The Fabric Banners are normally manufactured with reinforced hems and eyelet positions around the perimeter of each banner. Just let us know your specifications.

Why Choose a Fabric Banner

    • Lightweight and easy to install, compared to pvc.
    • Creates visual impact
    • Offers the “Soft feel” approach, especially if your advertising campaign is promoting  fabric based products

Who uses Fabric Banners

    • Sports Arenas
    • Textile industry business’s
    • Shop retail outlets for window display advertising
    • Clean and easy to use and install


    • Printed Banners are digitally printed using high end top quality Swiss inks
    • All banners are expertly sewn and hemmed by our team of machinists with your choice of finish.
    • Choice of fabrics depending on end usage

Optional Extras

    • Double sided Banners available
    • Alternative striking satin polyester flag fabric – creates a sheen effect
    • Heavy polyester finish for a classic look

Additional Items

    • Ceiling and wall suspending tubes
    • Wall mounted banner brackets

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